May 3, 2021

Baking day.....


Chocolate chip with walnuts....

Orthodox Easter was this past Sunday.  That means the fast from eggs, dairy, meat is over, and I can now bake with lovely Irish unsalted butter (it is my favorite butter for cookies).  The trick to baking these types of cookies is to refrigerate the dough.  And since yesterday was a bit warm (81 F), I waited until this morning to bake while the air is still cool.  They smell amazing, and I have a couple dozen I'm gifting to the lady that delivers our mail at work ~ she brings us salsa she makes from her garden ingredients, and in return a couple of us bake chocolate chip cookies.  Her favorite.

Update on Sioux: she is still doing better.  She doesn't have the horrible diarrhea she had before, but nothing is yet come to "normal".  She's gaining a little bit of weight, but that has been slow.  She is more back to her tail wagging, "let's go for a walk!", bark insanely at the doorbell, self.  Even though she is so much better, I don't think we will take her health for granted again.  

I have the next three days off from work, just in need of a break.  I'm not sure what I will fill the time with ~ I desperately need to put away my winter clothes (my bedroom closet is small)~ but I may indulge myself in things I want to do, rather than the things I need to do.  

We had been contemplating what to have for Sunday dinner, and of all the options, I wanted Schlotsky's.  I love their bread and the original sandwich is just so good.  Well, I had not thought to call before going, I just got in my car and drove to the location I normally frequent.  And guess what?  Even though there was a sign in the window saying "open", it apparently was not.  I called the other location (luckily it's not very far from the one I was at) and they answered and so I placed the order and drove over there to pick it up.  So, although you probably are already aware, I won't be assuming the restaurant I frequented before Covid is still open.  Now I am wondering what other places are closed, with their sad signs on the door saying they are open, but not.

I think I'll go eat a cookie...enjoy your Monday.

Love, 365


  1. It is sad to see all the closings isn't it? Enjoy your 3 days off!!

  2. We went to a food truck that has a permanent location near us. It's called "The Squealing Hog". Can you guess the food? I had a smoked brisket sandwich, J had a pulled pork sandwich. And we split a smoked fireball pumpkin pie for dessert. (About 3 bites each). It's excellent.

  3. Those words Irish butter make my mouth water! Everything is better with Irish gold, though the NZ stuff isn't bad, if I could get it.
    Changing over to summer clothes. Not looking forward to that but it's gotta be done and quick. Suddenly it's damned hot

  4. Mmm the smell of a baking day!!!!
    Hi, via Catalyst 🙂

  5. Our neighbour Panagiota came over today and we were discussing places that hadn't reopened after lockdown. However she was also pointing out former tavernas and corners occupied by long gone kiosks and i realize that the starting and ending of businesses has always been a feature of the progression of our lives. Remarkably, a lot of new businesses were fitted out and opened up around us during the lockdown. It seemed a strange time to make such a commitment but who knows what forces are at work when people realize their plans.


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