June 19, 2021

All kind of changes..........


Lol....so true, at least until I get into better shape.

I had a doctors appointment this past Monday.  I was dreading the weight-in, and for good reason(s).  #1: you can't do it naked because people are walking up and down the halls.  #2: Their scales must add pounds, it's the only believable reason.  AND THAT NUMBER WAS SHOCKING.  Oh, I know I had gained a few pounds, but, really?  To my doctor's credit she did not say to me "You need to lose weight".  Isn't that what they always say to women?  One of my blogger friends recently wrote a post about how terrible women are treated in our healthcare system.  I agreed with much of what she had written.

I talked to Romeo about re-joining the gym, any gym.  I was really reluctant to join the one I was a member of, for the sole reason of money.  I could join other gyms for a lot less money.  So, I went to a gym that is close to my work.  I didn't even go in, their parking lot was full!  And this was on a Monday around 11 am.  What?  I was shocked to see so many people at the gym at that time of day on a Monday.  I didn't even go in.  

So, I went back to the gym I previously was talking about.  I asked for (& got) the senior discount.  Then I asked if I could pay for the year and get a discount, and I got that too.  So, it was still more than I wanted to spend, but I did save some $$.  Plus I won't have to cringe at the monthly dues, since I paid up for the year.  I can also play racquetball again, and my buddies were happy to see me.  That's a plus!  So, I went home, did laundry, and went over for my first gym workout in about a year and a half.  It was painful, each and every time I went this week :D

Today was baking/food preparation day with my friend.  We were making salads for the church fellowship hour after services.  It has been 100 three times in the last week, and the daily temps have been over 95 since then.  It is too hot.  Lucky I don't live in Phoenix, when they had temps around 116 this past week.  Ugh, and ugh.  While we were at it we made two chocolate cakes for Father's Day tomorrow.  I am beat, and think I will do some relaxing this evening!

Love, 365


  1. LOL, I'm in Phoenix :) We've had 4 days in a row with temps above 115 and its only June :) Thankful it is a dry heat.

    Good idea to join a gym. Stay motivated to help lose any extra pounds that might have crept up on you. I exercise 40 minutes on our treadmill at home 5 days a week at 2.5 miles per hour. I weigh weekly so I don't get "sticker" shock and if I'm up a bit one week I adjust what I eat to get it off. Its a lifetime battle I do believe.


    1. Oh, I am not certain I could ever live in Phoenix. Even the 100 degree heat seems so difficult!
      I should weigh in weekly, but I just can't make myself do it! Hence, here I am.

  2. Ah Covid weight that we now need to shed. Sucks doesn't it? I'm sure you look great and after a few weeks at a gym you'll probably feel great. At least you're doing it. Dry heat is still heat I do no understand why those in desert climates think that is helpful. Sure at 85 it is but once over 100 it makes no difference, it's too damn hot. Would you sit in a 115 degree oven? Why? It's a dry heat! 😮

  3. Good luck with the gym resolve. The hotter it gets the harder it is to stay motivated, but at least appetite wanes a bit as well in the heat.


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