March 20, 2023

Spring is on it's way? Or is it?

Stupid video didn't load when I checked....I'm leaving it here for the video fairy to fix :-)

We had a fairly decent snow 3 days typical here, to have snow in March and April, even though we didn't really have much all winter long.  Some folks have fruit trees with blossoms on them, so I hope this means they won't lose their harvest.  My wisteria has buds, but I think I waited too long to trim it.  Next year I'll have to trim in January.  Not sure how well it will bloom.  We've had both spectacular and disappointing springs.

We are now halfway through Lent.  Our Easter will be on 4/16.  Easter candy has already gone on sale, what the hey?  Usually it's after.  At any rate, I will be stocking up, especially on my favorite ~ Cadbury's mini eggs.  My taste in chocolate is fairly cheap....oh, let's be real, I love all chocolate. :-)

Demitri has taken to biting the back of my right leg when I'm walking past or in front of him.  I am now spraying the backs of my pants and socks with bitter apple.  I was putting on lotion after my shower, and noticed about 8 little bruises.  Sheesh.  If I'm consistent with the spray, I should be bruise free by the end of the week!  Puppies.  He's such a sweet dog, with the exception of the biting on my leg.  

In line with the dryer, toilet, and refrigerator repairs or replacement, the washer has now quit working.  I swear, after you retire, all your major appliances die.  I am hoping it's just a belt replacement.  Have you seen the cost of washer/dryers?  Wow. It's an eye opener.  The time frame is 8am to 1pm.  Sure would be nice if they are here by 9, buy I'm not counting on it.

Well, that's it.  The exciting life, eh?

Have a great week!

Love, 365


  1. Lucky I married a man who repairs. He's just fixed our dishwasher. A clothes washer is an essential appliance. Get fixed soon! Lol
    Easter is getting closer but thank goodness chocolate eggs are not a big thing here. K will be busy Holy week making the cookies. Meantime the house is more or less sugar free.

    1. I did buy a super cute cookie cutter, it has Christ is Risen in Greek in the shape of an egg. I think I'll have to use some red food gel on my sugar cookies, haha.
      Romeo is great on home projects and repair, but the washer needs a new part....and seriously, I would rather have someone do it. It's not going to be as cheap as the dryer repair was though. :-(

  2. Omg I know! When we moved and had to buy new I was shocked at the price of a washer and dryer. I'm sorry I do not need Bluetooth for my laundry! Rick kept saying, are you this price doesn't include someone doing the laundry? Oh and the smell of citrus is not liked by dogs. Rub lemon anywhere and it will not be touched!

    1. I don't need bluetooth on my laundry either ~ silly. Everything has to have bluetooth, haha. I asked the repair guy ~ should we just replace it? The part and installation of it will cost a bit below half of the cost of a reasonable (hahaha) washer. But he said he really liked the model we have, and said he would repair rather than replace. So, we have to walk around in dirty undies (lol) until Friday. Boy, the laundry is really piling up.

  3. Sounds like you are having a similar spring to us. Yesterday was a perfect example. Snow on the ground in the morning, sunshine and warm in the early afternoon then rain and hail in the evening. Good times. Hope you get good news on your appliance.

    1. It's warm today, but it's going to be really windy. None of us here in NM like windy weather. The washer has been repaired, but it did cost a bit more than I hoped. We spent the day doing lots of laundry!! :-)


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