April 17, 2021

What happened to spring?.......

 I was looking at the forecast, and Santa Fe is predicted to have snow tomorrow......here in Albuquerque we'll have temps at night of 32 degrees.  So, I guess I will wait until next weekend to buy my garden plants.  I'm not big on seed planting.  My garden is small.  I want to give them a head start, so I always buy plants.  Plus, I'd probably forget to water my seedlings and they would die....so there is that.  Always be aware of your limitations 😊

Peg reminded me of the El Arroyo signs, thought I would share this one.....lol.

Here I am working on the bread again.  This will be my third go.  I change a little something every time, with mixed results.  This is not my usual sourdough, it's bread for communion.  If this doesn't work, I'm going to look for a new recipe, because I'm not sure it's worth my sanity!

Found out ~ through the grapevine of course ~ that our pay increase, which was brought up by one of the doctors, was nixed by the other one.  Our office manager hasn't told me, and my coworker has known for a month.  No one in management has any balls.  Cowards, the lot of them.  As usual I was upset and mad for about 48 hours.  Now I'm in the resignation stage.  It's not worth looking for work, I'm too old for consideration.  One more year.  I hope I can get everything done in one more year, then I can retire.

In the past I've posted the beautiful flowers on my wisteria.  Not this year.  Romeo went out and trimmed it back (which does need to be done every year), but he did it too late, and now all I have is two pitiful little flowers.  I mentioned to him that the trimming really needs to be done in February, he promptly became annoyed with me and said I can do it next year.  So, I've put it in my calendar.  I don't want to miss it next year.  He's actually done this before....but he works on his own schedule....he said he didn't want to be out there freezing his ass off.  So, if I want flowers I have to get out there and take care of it.  The life of a wife.  Sometimes good, sometimes not.  I hope no one told you marriage is one big happy party, because it is definitely not.  Luckily, if you choose wisely, the good times out weight the not so good by a wide margin.  Anyone who tells you they never have any problems is lying to you :-)

Ok!  I am off to the races, have stuff to do.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, 365


  1. My wife, who is from Indiana, says she never planted anything until after Memorial Day.

  2. I'm in New England. we don't do anything before Mother's day. One year I got ambitious. Everything died. Now I save our money until May.

    Course, who am I kidding? We haven't even cleaned up the yard yet. We might get around to mulching at some point. Then I'll worry about the window boxes.

  3. April is always a tease.

    My third time, but for ten years it has been pretty much one big happy party.
    My tomatoes will go in on Mother's Day as well.

  4. How did the bread go this time?

  5. Look for another recipe!! As long as the stamp is clear, which mine often isnt, then it'll be fine. Your priest should appreciate your effort, him up high will.

  6. Sometimes I think of moving out of this mess of a state, California, and Albuquerque sounds appealing. I visited it once. I like your C.S. Lewis quote and the funny photo of wearing a mask to the bank.


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