May 23, 2020

We made it! (through the first "full" week back to work).......

I love Marigolds, they're just happy little flowers.....

We survived!  We went back to work this week, the only difference was we opened at 50% of our normal patient load.  Everyone must wear a mask ~ I was surprised that we had two patients that came in without one.  There's always two in a crowd?  I don't think that's right, lol.  We have also asked everyone to call when they are in the parking lot, but we had a bit of an issue with the patients that come at 8am.  We don't turn off our voice mail until after our morning meeting, and generally don't get the messages for 5 or even 10 minutes, because we have patients walking in.  One man became quite irritated with us because we weren't answering the phone at 7:50 when he arrived.  He didn't have a mask either.  He was a pill the whole time he was in the office, and we were super happy when he was done!  

Otherwise we adjusted to all this new stuff, and managed to get through the week.  The hygienists are adjusting to being without their beloved cavitron (the water jet that helps clean off tartar and stuff).  But they have to wear so much gear that the office feels like an ice box.  They are hot and uncomfortable.  I have to wear a mask (just one, where they are wearing two) and I chafe at that.  I don't know how they do it.  

Considering how many people have lost their jobs because the business shut down I am feeling blessed to have work.  Even though I sometimes complain about it....:-)

My hollyhocks continue to bloom....

As you can see, it is huge this year!  

Snapped a pic of some flowers while on my walk yesterday....lots of wild flowers blooming right now!
And with all those wild flowers and trees my allergies are in over-drive.  So I'm walking inside today.  I woke up this morning with itchy itchy eyes.   

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love, 365


  1. Plenty to complain about, get it off your chest.

  2. When I get back to work I will have to wear a mask, too. And the kids will have to as well. Not sure how that will go. The people who come up with these guidelines usually don't even know any kids.

    It seems that there's always some asshole messing everything up for everyone else, doesn't it? Too bad you couldn't tell the guy to eff off. Sometimes that's very satisfying. Or so I hear.

    1. I can't imagine kids wearing their masks all day. For a bit when they first come in, yeah. Past 30 minutes? You'll have to let us know :-)

      Yep, there's one in every crowd. It would be nice to just confront him and ask why he thinks he's so special, lol.

  3. Why are there always some who are just darn right stupid. And now they should be just very thankful you're back at work!
    Hope all goes smoothly for you

    1. Sadly with everyone feeling so stressed I think it'll be more common. I don't really like giving stupid people an "out", there's really no excuse to take out your irritation on others. If it's only one per week, I can handle that!

  4. So envious of your hollyhocks. We've never managed to grow any that didn't get rust, and it's a pity because they are such beautiful flowers - almost like hibiscus and yet such rustic-cottage-garden perfection too.

    1. Hollyhocks are one of the most common garden flowers in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and everything in between. Once you get them established, you don't even need to do much except a bit of water a couple times a week! Maybe they grow best in a dry desert environment. There sure are a lot of beautiful flowers we simply can't grow here!


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