August 3, 2021

Dang it.........

Last week my Mom tested positive for Covid. It has affected her dementia and Parkinson's in a terrible way.  She's now on liquid morphine, which is not good.  I think I need to go visit very much sooner than later.

Three months ago our dog begins the longest decline towards the inevitable on record.  I have suggested euthenasia to Romeo a few times.  The most recent time was late last week.  His response was "no, no, no, I'm not ready".  I have called the vet twice, neither time has she called me back.  Don't understand why, but I will call again tomorrow and if she doesn't call, I'm giving up on it.  I guess we will just wake up one morning and discover poor Sioux passed away in the night.  Which I really really don't want.

Yesterday afternoon my daughter-in-law texted me to let me know son #1 has tested positive for Covid.  I spoke to him an hour ago and he sounds ok.  Said he doesn't feel too bad other than a headache and congestion.  I hope that my DIL doesn't get sick or too sick.  Then there's the kids.  I sure wish they hadn't been exposed, but maybe it's one of those things that is too likely.  

So, there's my three.  I'm done.  I'm always on the edge of tears, trying hard to hold them back.  When will this be over (with Sioux).   It's like being stuck in a box with a snake in it.

Sorry for the debbie downer post, y'all.

Love, 365


  1. You are allowed to have downers. It is a normal part of normal life. Carefully curated, permanently exciting and cheerful social media lives are not (NOT) normal. S*** happens and absolutely no normal person can or should be cheerful about it. Balance. Hold close to those whom you love, make a memory box (or boxes in your case), do something that calms your mind and engrosses you even if only for 20 minutes. The meditational effect can go a long way to smoothing out the tears triggers in the rest of the day. And don't be ashamed of the tears, they mean you have heart/feelings.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Definitely go and see her sooner than later. I speak from experience and regret.

    Hoping your son makes a speedy recovery and your DIL doesn't get sick. Maybe if you talk to her again and she is still healthy, have her take mega doses of vitamin C and zinc (but not together; spaced apart). I hear that is supposed to be good for the immune system. I routinely take 2000 mg of vitamin C in the morning, have done so for years, and take more of it if I think I'm getting sick. Nowadays since Covid began and if I hear of someone being diagnosed I take a packet of EmergenCe in the afternoon that has another 1000 mg of vitamin C in it. Can't overdose on vitamin C; it just gives one loose stools if they take too much. Anyway, by the Grace of God, this has kept me healthy over the years.

    Poor Sioux and poor Romero (as well as you). It is really hard to decide to put them to sleep and definitely a tough decision.

    It's a lot you have on your plate. I would be crying myself (which I always think a good cry is very comforting).

    Take care of yourself in the meantime too!


  3. Hell, that's a lot to deal with. Hope your son gets a light dose and his family keep healthy. Not much you can do there but pray. Go and visit your Mum as soon as possible. Thank goodness you've been vaccinated. Go and see her ASAP. Both of you will be comforted by a visit. Go now!
    And then you've got Sioux. That's a difficult situation, no wonder you're tearful over all this.
    Indeed, do look after yourself too! That's first priority.

  4. Oh Yvonne I am so sorry about all of this shit storm. Sioux is a tough situation. We have talked aobut if we aren't ready and one day I said, "its not about us, we love her to pieces why are we making her suffer?" That made him think. But do I know what I'll do when it's time (and it's getting there she is 12 1/2) I have no idea what I'll do. I hope it works out for the 3 of you sooner than later. Has your family been vaxxed? If so your brother should be fine. But go visit your mom and wear a mask! Be safe and be well. ((hugs))


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