August 1, 2021

Volleyball and other athletic pursuits......


Did you watch the U.S. women's beach volleyball team win their match, in the pouring rain?  I was amazed they could play so well in a downpour.  You would think the ball would be slippery, but they seemed to have it together.  

I'm still spending most of my tv time watching the games.  Currently watching Claes and Sponcil in their game against Canada.  I thoughts the Canadian team is pretty good, but so far USA is ahead.  

I love watching volleyball, and especially beach volleyball ~ probably because it's such an incredibly tough game. It's a real challenge to cover the playing field with just 2.  The men's team had some tough competition, and haven't had the consistent success the women have. 

The luncheon went well.  People ate the food I prepared, which is a win-win. When we left to go home, we were exhausted!  It's going to be a chill day for the afternoon.......

I will however, do my laundry, which is ready for the dryer.....enjoy your week to come!

Love, 365


  1. I preferred the Olympics when the athletes were amatures and they played real sports. Al Oerter threw the discus and won 4 gold medals in 4 different Olympics. He worked during the day and practiced in the evening...16 years and never earned a dime from his sport. Michael Phelps earned a zillion medals swimming, did not have a job and has made millions and is considered the greatest Olympian athlete. My vote goes to Al.

    1. I both agree and will never go back to what it once was, but the competition is still real. Either you win or lose! In fact the USA men lost to the team from Qatar, it was an incredible match. It seems that it's the "superstars" that make lots of money, but most of the athletes are still part-timers.

  2. Yummy with the food! I can see why it was liked by those who went to the luncheon! Its funny, I grew up in the San Diego area and went to the beach often. Never played beach volleyball :) It is a fun sport to watch though!

    Hope you have a good week ahead too!


    1. I played volleyball in high school, but not since ~ but I still love watching. It's exciting, and doesn't take 4 hours like football :-)

  3. That luncheon looks great. We reckon you have excelled there. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics.


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